Recently Omri Iluz wrote about his experiences capturing BLE very cheaply using an RTL-SDR and an MMDS downconverter. His work is very interesting and is a good way to get starting playing with BLE on the cheap.

A software defined radio approach is very powerful, and if you're interested in sniffing Bluetooth with SDR you should definitely check out gr-bluetooth. Another interesting approach is to use a narrowband radio as a sniffer, like the one on the Ubertooth.

I've been researching BLE (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Smart) since 2012, and I wanted to share the BLE sniffer I built on the Ubertooth platform. My sniffer is highly robust and can capture data from connections on data channels. I also discovered weaknesses in BLE's security and wrote a tool to decrypt packets under some circumstances.

The sniffer is turnkey and painless: if you have an Ubertooth you can begin sniffing packets right now by running a single command. Our tools capture to PCAP files that can be loaded into Wireshark for analysis using the BLE plugin that ships with recent development builds of Wireshark.

My BLE sniffer and Ubertooth itself are 100% open source. The source for the Ubertooth firmware, host tools, and board design can be found on the Ubertooth Github.

Technical Details

Ubertooth is an open source platform for Bluetooth research. It has a powerful ARM microcontroller connected to a reconfigurable radio chip, the TI CC2400. Although it was originally built to monitor classic Basic Rate (BR) Bluetooth, it serves as an excellent platform for building a BLE sniffer.

At the physical layer, our BLE sniffer works by configuring the CC2400's modulation parameters to match those of BLE. We also program the radio to search for a 32 bit value known as the Access Address that is at the beginning of every packet. When a nearby BLE device transmits, our radio sees the 32 bit Access Address and begins sending data to the ARM microcontroller.

Before we can read the data, we have to dewhiten it. This is done by XOR'ing the data with the output of a 7 bit LFSR. Our implementation dewhitens 32 bits at a time thanks to an impressive algorithm by Dominic Spill and Michael Ossmann. After this we parse the header and validate the CRC. Valid packets are passed up to the PC via USB where they are displayed and logged to PCAP files.

Timing Is Everything

Almost everything above happens on the Ubertooth dongle itself, and the PC just acts as a logging platform. This was a deliberate design choice made to satisfy one key requirement: timing.

In BLE, timing is everything. During connections devices hop to different channels relatively frequently, on the order of milliseconds. In this time we must receive the data, dewhiten it, parse the header, and make a decision about hopping very quickly. Sending the data to the PC and waiting for it to send a decision back would take too long for all but the slowest connections. USB latency alone is measured in milliseconds.

Additionally, on advertising channels and during connections two devices will transmit very quickly in sequence. First one device will transmit, and then 150 microseconds later the other will transmit. If we're busy analyzing the data from the first transmission, we may miss the second one altogether! This type of latency would be impossible to achieve over USB.

Following Connections

Following connections is where everything comes together. Advertising packets are sent on three channels in no particular order and can be captured easily. Connections hop along a sequence of 37 data channels very quickly, spending between 7.5 ms and 4 seconds on a given channel. If we wish to capture data from a BLE connection, we must hop along with the master and slave and listen for their packets on each data channel.

First we must sniff a CONNECT_REQ packet, which is transmitted by a BLE master device on an advertising channel. This packet initiates a connection between two devices and contains all the connection-specific details, such as Access Address, how frequently to hop, and in what order to visit data channels.

Once we have the details from the CONNECT_REQ packet, we have everything we need to follow along with the master and slave as they hop among the data channels. We hop to data channel 0 and wait for the first transmission. First the master transmits and then 150 microseconds later the slave transmits. We minimally process these packets and send them along to the PC. Then we hop to the next channel in the sequence and wait for the next packets. This continues until the master or slave closes the connection.

BLE conections are actually quite simple, significantly moreso than the hop pattern of BR Bluetooth. The only difficulty is meeting timing requirements, which we can do easily since all our processing occurs on the ARM microcontroller.

Promiscuous Capture

Our Ubertooth BLE sniffer also includes support for capturing data from connections that are already active at the time of sniffing. This feature, called promiscuous mode, is not supported by any other inexpensive commercial or open source sniffer. The only other tool I know of with support for this costs over US$ 20,000.

Due to the nature of BLE, without observing a CONNECT_REQ packet it is extremely difficult to recover all the parameters needed to successfully follow connections as they hop among the data channels. Hop timing, channel ordering, and even CRC calculation elude us.

I developed a few clever tricks to recover these key parameters using Ubertooth. Once we've recovered them, we feed them back into the normal connection following code and can actually begin following these active connections. For more details on how we recover the parameters, refer to my USENIX WOOT whitepaper.

Disclaimer: This mode is a little touchy: recovering the parameters can be tricky and we don't filter false positives well. However, once the parameters have been recovered, connection following is just as robust as if the CONNECT_REQ packet had been observed.

Cracking Encryption

In early 2013 I discovered that BLE's encryption has a fatal flaw. I wrote a tool called crackle to automatically exploit this flaw and decrypt encrypted BLE data.

An attacker present during pairing can recover the encryption keys used to protect data during connections. Furthermore, since these encryption keys are reused, this attacker can decrypt every future conversation between the master and slave devices.

This attack is completely passive. The attacker simply has to capture the packets sent by the pairing devices using a tool such as Ubertooth. No packets are ever transmitted by the attacker, and the victims will have no knowledge that they are being eavesdropped on.

If you give crackle a PCAP file that contains the pairing data, it will automatically crack the encryption key and decrypt any further data sent during the connection. If you give it a key and a PCAP file filled with encrypted data, it will decrypt the data.

Obviously this is a huge weakness in BLE and severely weakens the security of the system. I was surprised that, although this weakness has been public for a while, the latest version of the Bluetooth Core Specification (version 4.1, published in December 2013) does not address it.

More Info

I've intentionally left out a lot of details since this blog post is already long-winded enough as-is. If you're interested in more depth, you can do any of the following:

Ubertooth can be purchased from several places, the full list is available on the Great Scott Gadgets web site.

Finally I would like to express thanks to the many people who helped make this work possible, but in particular:

  • Michael Ossmann (@michaelossmann) for creating the Ubertooth
  • Dominic Spill (@dominicgs), the current Ubertooth maintainer
  • Michal Labedzki, for getting my BLE Wireshark plugin into Wireshark

I didn't realize BT had a crypto vulnerability. I also didn't know about the tools you mentioned in your article. Thanks for the informative post. In your experience, have you found any devices transmitting sensitive data over BT?


Comment by Anonymous Mon Jan 27 08:29:30 2014

Just to be clear: this vulnerability only affects BLE. That said, classic BT has some issues that I'll cover in a future post.

Some BLE devices transmit data in the clear without even attempting to encrypt it. The heart rate monitor I did much of my original research on is one example.

Many of the devices I've looked at recently, such as FitBit and Kwikset Kevo, implement their own crypto. This is fraught with peril and there is a high chance that these implementations have flaws, but I haven't uncovered anything solid yet.

Comment by mikeryan Mon Jan 27 08:42:17 2014
Fantastic information! I've been looking into BLE for a while and had similar security concerns but did not get anywhere as in depth as you. Thanks for the information and the resources!
Comment by Anonymous Mon Jan 27 09:13:50 2014

Hi! Sounds great.I have an Ubertooth lying around since 2 years but I never really bothered getting it to run on my Mac. So, where's the "ready-to-use" sniffer? :) Thanks, Matthias

Comment by Anonymous Wed Jan 29 02:42:05 2014

The sniffer is in the latest firmware build on GitHub. Grab the latest firmware and host code, along with libbtbb:

Comment by mikeryan Wed Jan 29 12:57:14 2014

Awesome post, cool to see this theoretical attack actually implemented in a download-and-use form! FWIW, the actual vulnerability isn't new or unknown, but in my opinion is wildly under-discussed and frighteningly misunderstood. I wish I could trust BLE devices, but for mission-critical things like door locks and credit card emulators (looking at you, Coin), it's hard for me to take on faith that the implementor has gone out of their way to do some kind of legitimately secure key exchange.

Anyway, Mike Ryan gave a great Shmoocon talk on this (available but I think didn't take the implementation very far, and perhaps even scarier, the NIST document "Guide to Bluetooth Security" is downright scary: on page 21, "pairing modes," they basically go so far as to say "we didn't even try to protect against eavesdropping during pairing, and that's literally trivial to do" -

Comment by Anonymous Fri Jan 31 23:51:13 2014

Thanks for the feedback. The spec does actually point out that this is a known weakness, but surprisingly everyone seems to gloss over this fact.

I, the blog post author, am the same Mike Ryan that gave the ShmooCon talk. This blog post documents the implementation as it stood then.

Comment by mikeryan Sun Feb 2 11:38:20 2014

Hi, Thank you for you work and article. However, in the spec version 4.0 Vol.3 p604 it is written: "None of the pairing methods provide protection against a passive eavedropper during the pairing process as predictable or easily established values for TK are used" Also on the same page: "Note:A future version of this specification will include elliptic curve cryptography and Diffie-Hellman public exchanges that will provide passive eavedropper protection" While your work is valuable and important it was predictable that at some point, someone will come up with a hack. No?

Comment by Anonymous Mon Feb 10 02:17:37 2014

Matter of semantics, I guess. The spec does indeed outline the weakness of predictable TK values, but in my work I delved deep enough to demonstrate the precise nature of the weakness as well as developing the concrete attack. The fact that they predicted the hack raises serious questions about why they would publish a spec with a known weakness.

Regarding "future versions of the spec" that will include ECDH, that verbiage has been in the document since version 4.0 published in June 2010. Bluetooth Core Version 4.1 was just released in December 2013 and includes the exact same words. While their intent is pure, they have not yet acted upon it, and thus Bluetooth Smart remains broken.

Comment by mikeryan Fri Feb 14 12:30:29 2014
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